What is Narconon ?

Narconon is an international drug treatment organization with branches in 26 organizations. It was founded by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard in 1966 and operates with partial government funding in a number of localities.

Narconon’s mission is a simple yet powerful one: to lead those who wish to live drug free lives onto the path of sobriety and rehabilitation. The Narconon program has been in existence for close to fifty years , and the organization claims to be unique in the drug rehab world because they don’t simply attack the addiction. They go to the root of the matter by addressing “the causes of addiction—to get at what drove a person to drugs in the first place.” with the goal of a drug-free life.

The main elements of the Narconon program are:

Drug-free Withdrawl

This involves abstaining from the drug abruptly and dealing with the effects of withdrawal while under close supervision.


This involves undergoing a series of in-house detoxification procedures in order to remove all traces of the drug from the body as to either eliminate or greatly reduce cravings.

“The Objectives” (focusing the mind onto the present and a way forward rather than the past)

Life skills training

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