New Life Detoxification Controversy

New Life Detoxification is a contentious detoxification program provided by the narconon organization that strives to remove all traces of toxic and addictive drugs from the body. The program consists of exercise, sauna sessions and hydration and vitamin ingestion.

The program has been criticized in the past as not being grounded in medical fact, and being outright dangerous for those undergoing the treatment. Narconon clients can endure up to five hours in a single sauna session while the recommended maximum time in a sauna is 30 minutes. Being exposed to such a warm environment for so long runs the risk of the clients developing heat exhaustion among other complications, critics maintain.

The practice of administering “vitamin bombs” (copious amounts of vitamins in order to flush the system of the clients) has been described as far exceeding the recommended daily maximum by medical institutions who have reviewed the treatment practices of narconon.

Likewise the exercise component of the program can be harmful for those with weak hearts. This is a particular concern as recovering drug users may be in fragile health as a result of the substance abuse.

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