Tips to Prevent Addiction Relapse

Often times, addicts get into treatment for addiction and during the cause recovery fall into relapse. Meaning that they return to their previous addiction and relapse is sometimes worse than the first time of addiction. So, it is vital to prevent relapse in individuals during recovery.

There are different ways to help a person cope during recovery and prevent relapse. Some apply to peculiar cases, while others can be used generally depending on the addicted substance and the type of treatment. But, this article will discuss some tips to help addiction relapse in individuals.

These tips include;

  • Self-care

Relapse is sometimes triggered by loneliness, self-rejection, and many more. So, during recovery individuals should take time to take for themselves. See yourself are valuable.

Eat balanced diet, exercise, care for your mental health. All these can help prevent relapse.

  • Meditation

Relapse is often caused by a range of feelings and emotions. So, it is vital that during your recovery you take time to meditate. Mediate helps you clear your head of negative thoughts and focus on the things that matter, which is your recovery.

  • Identifying Triggers

It is vital you know those things that can trigger relapse for you. Different people have different triggers. Yours could be a person, that when you are around causes you to drink or use drugs.

It could also be certain feelings of loneliness or rejection. You need to identify your triggers, this will enable you to effectively deal with them to prevent relapse.

  • Support Group

Joining a support group helps to prevent relapse because it keeps such person around a supportive and encouraging environment. Also, with a support group, you can measure your level of progress and identify areas of weakness which need to be addressed.

Having sober friend also helps to prevent relapse. The people surrounding a recovering addict are crucial to the recovery of such person. Therefore, having sober friends that keeps you accountable to your recovery, that encourages and support you is very important.

In summary, relapse can occur in recovery, but it can be prevented with adequate care and attention. First, know what triggers relapse for a person. Then, step adequate steps to address these triggers.

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