Preventing Relapse

Relapse is not an event, rather it is a process. It is interesting to note that Relapse is not something that starts within the blink of an eye. It is a process which has a long time coming, probably weeks or months before the actual manifestation.

When addiction treatment has been completed, there is always a tendency for relapse to happen if care is not taken. A good number of individuals who recover from addiction fail to realize that they cannot just take life by storm after leaving rehab.

In preventing relapse, one of the important point to note is, normal activities must be done selectively and with care.

The first step to preventing relapse is to avoid tempting or persuasive situations. For instance, if you just recovered from alcohol addiction, it would be a bad idea to still hang out with friends who take alcohol.

It would equally be a bad idea to go to a bar or places where alcohol is served because there is a tendency for you to get triggered.

Secondly, preventing relapse is very easy when you belong to a positive support network. A support network typically comprises a counselor/therapist and people who have recovered from addiction just like you, and are looking forward to a better life.

When a support network meet, they share their challenges and difficulties, and they encourage one another from their own experiences. With a positive support network, it gives you the picture that you are chasing a collective goal, and you will not be the one to mess things up.

In addition, it is important for you to create a healthy schedule. You need to realize that you might not stick to your conventional routine prior to your addiction treatment.

In your health schedule which will be mapped out by your counselor, you will exercise, take nutritious meal and perform other health activities.

Also, the last thing you want to be is complacent. It is vital for you not to get tired of sticking to your healthy habits. Always bear it at the back of your mind that, your addiction is a thing of the past which must not pop-up again.  

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